When did DD start?

It started in 2017

How long does the battery last?  

More than 4 years but still depends on how the owner takes care of the unit

What payment options are available?


  • 6 months 5% interest 


  • 6 months 8%
  • months 10%
  • 12 months  13% 

Other Credit Cards

  • straight payment +3%

Home Credit

  • + 20%

What are the requirements to avail of the Home Credit options?

Download a home credit app to get acn account and when the application is already approved, they can go to the shop. Need to present 2-3 valid Id's and minimum downpayment (30% of the unit price).

Which areas do you deliver?

We deliver within the Metro and nearby places like Bulacan.

Do you COD?

We have cash on delivery payments.

The delivery fee of the logistic company + 30% (for return trip) is shouldered by the customer.

How long will I have to wait before I get my order?

We have a same day delivery as long as the order is finalized before 6:00 pm. Otherwise, it will be processed the next business day.

Do you offer home services?

We do not offer home services at the moment.

Do you also provide services to other brands?

At the moment, we are exclusive to DD users.

Where do you check the battery status? 

Always look at the voltage and not on the bars to get accurate data.

Where is your store located?

You can check us via

Waze: Double D Hitech (Main Branch)

Waze: Double D Hitech (UST Manila branch)

How long is the battery lifespan?

4-5 years

What is your contact number?

+639451203628 or (02) 7340881

What are your business hours?

You can visit us from 10:00am to 7:00pm

Who can they look for enquiries?

You can reach out to Ms. Anna

How long is the validity of the warranty?

Limited warranty is good for 6 months since date of purchase.

What are covered by warranty?

6 months limited warranty covers the motor hub, battery,controller/computer box, and throttle meter as long as with no human error; otherwise warranty is voided.

What is the IP Rating of the electric scooters? 

to be confirmed IP56/55

Are the units waterproof?

All units are splash proof but not waterproof. Can be used during drizzles but during rains. Can be used on wet roads but not on flooded roads.

How often do you offer preventive maintenance service?

We offer PMS every 2,500 kilometers mileage.

DD PMS includes:

  • full check up
  • replacement/tightening of bolts and nuts
  • replacement of front and rear bearings
  • cleaning/removing motor hub rust and dirt
  • body repaint
  • scratch/dent removal
  • unit reconditioning

How long will the unit last for?

With regular PMS and regular updates of consumables like wheels, brake pads, and the like; it may last up to 10 years. This still depends though on the usage and maintenance.

Can I take my scooter in trains, buses, and airplanes?

Scooters are not allowed in airplanes but can be transported in trains and buses.

Can I ride my electric scooter on sidewalks?

Sidewalks are intended for passersby so we advise we use it accordingly. Best if the unit is folded to prevent accidents and inconvenience to other people.

What will I do if my scooter does not charge?

Send us a message so we can troubleshoot it. Did you plug the charger correctly on the charging port?

What is the color of the light indicator? Green or Red or Blinking? 

Confirm with technician. Has the unit been recently exposed to liquid? If yes, visit the service center.

Why are suspensions important in electric scooters?

Suspension depends on its price point but it's important as it absorbs the friction on the road.

What is the basic maintenance of electric scooters?

Check for loose parts, keep it in a safe place, don't expose it to extreme heat and avoid keeping it wet.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

It depends on the unit.

Does it require a license?

Not yet

Can I ride it in EDSA?


What are the things I need to consider when buying electric scooters?

Budget, weight, distance, and purpose of buying.

Can kids use electric scooters?

Yes, we recommend VA 400 and DDLite as they are suitable for children.

What are your top 3 products?

VS400, VS+600, VS+2400

Do you ship abroad?

Not yet at the moment